Friday, April 26, 2013

Cocktail du jour: Italian Meteor

Italians know their cocktails. As does Mr. C&G. With all my posts focusing on Italy this week I challenged him to give my favorite Russian cocktail, the Moscow Mule, an Italian upgrade.

We still have a bottle of the Italian liquor Tuaca in our bar and the vanilla citrus flavor makes it the perfect companion to any vodka drink. A few weeks ago Mr. C&G made my Moscow Mule with vanilla vodka, which I renamed to the more pleasant sounding Russian Meteor.

With an easy swap of unflavored vodka for the vanilla and the addition of the vanilla flavored Tuaca, my Russian Meteor landed a few thousand miles to the west to become the Italian Meteor. Attento!

The C&G Italian Meteor
1 1/2oz vodka
1 oz Tuaca
Fill glass with ginger beer and ice
Squeeze of lime and stir
Cin cin (cheers in Italian)!

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