Monday, April 8, 2013

Maine Monday: Sea Bags

Our Houston houseguest (aka the Cocktail Cowboy) was on the hunt for a gift to bring to his native Texan girlfriend. She's never visited our scenic state, and normally I'd send guests off with an LLBean tote filled with Stonewall Kitchen goodies. But she's an interior designer so we had to up the style factor.

Lucky for him Sea Bags has their workshop and retail store right on one of the busy piers in downtown Portland. Inside are worktables piled high with old sails just waiting to be sewn into chic tote bags, travel duffles, wine totes, and more. We got to watch a few being made and the Cocktail Cowboy picked out a very cool looking Breton striped tote to bring back.

Most of the designs are nautical with anchors, sharks (which he informed me were actually marlins), waves, and racing numbers from the old sails that are used. With not much sailing going on in Houston we thought the stripes would be at better match for her. I couldn't let him leave without a souvenir for himself, so we found the brown and black very manly shave kit (perfect for cowboys).

Sea bags are great travel bags, they're made from recycled sails, waterproof and virtually indestructible. Sticky little handprints or ketchup from your poolside fries will all wipe right off, so they're perfect for the beach or the pool. I don't have one myself, but after looking at the bag all week (and looking ahead to lots of upcoming travels) I think I'll have to swing by and pick one up.

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