Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cocktail du jour: Apfelsaftschorle

Little C&G is counting the hours until kickoff at 2:45. He's all geared up and ready to go. Dibs has already been called for the comfy corner spot on the couch, although I'm sure he won't remain seated for long.

Little C&G is ready to cheer on his favorite players Manuel Neuer, Arjen Robben, and Thomas Müller. He's already predicted there will be some yellow card action in what is sure to be a heated game in Wembley Stadium.

Today is all about Little C&G, so we've come up with an appropriate non-alcoholic German cocktail for him. Germans are not known as cocktail connoisseurs, their beverage of choice is predominately beer. When they're changing things up chances are they'll reach for a German produced wine, many delicious whites come from the Rhine river region. The under 14 set (you can drink beer in the company of your parents at that young age) will find plenty of fruit juices and sodas to quench their thirst in the outdoor biergartens around town.

One beverage we found on every menu in Munich was apfelsaftschorle, which the boys mastered the pronunciation of just in time for us to be heading out of town. Schorle is a type of drink made by mixing any kind of fruit juice with sparkling mineral water, and apfel is the German word for apple. They ordered it by the stein-full, although they never seemed able to finish off an entire liter full of their fizzy drinks.

To make it in the comfort of your own biergarten at home there isn't much of a recipe. Apple juice, club soda, mix and done. Although the recipe I found online takes a container of frozen apple juice concentrate and mixes it in a carafe filled with club soda. Not too difficult, and hopefully it won't stain the couch when someone jumps up to cheer Bayern Munich on to victory. Go Bayern!

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