Friday, May 31, 2013

Cocktail du jour: Hendrick's G&T

Bloody hell it's hot out there. We are in the midst of a very sudden heatwave here in Maine. It was heavy fleece weather just a few days ago and today the thermometer is above 90. Craziness. So the A/C is on, and a cool and refreshing cocktail is called for this afternoon.

My beloved Scots are the geniuses behind Hendricks Gin. William Grant & Sons (3rd largest producer of Scotch whisky) distills this gin in small batches, using the traditional juniper but also adding in some cooling cucumber to the blend.

It's just what you want to sit back and relax with on a steaming day like today. One sip and it's easy to pretend you're standing on the wind swept moors of northern Scotland, and not on the roasting coast of Maine.

Hendricks G&T
2 oz Hendricks Gin
Pour over ice and fill glass with tonic water
Garnish with a cucumber


  1. Oh you're in Maine, I ran off there when I was 21 for a man - fool!
    Ballet pump wise, the cheaper the better for me, I like fabric ones that won't rub anywhere, my sore feet are legendary.

    1. Now there's a good story waiting to be told . . .
      Thanks for the shoe info, hadn't thought of fabric but totally makes sense. Might have to buy a pair of Tom's for all those cobblestones.