Friday, May 3, 2013

Cocktail du jour: Loch Lomond

Great King Street was rated best "Blended Whisky of the Year" for 2012 by Whisky Advocate magazine. Not too bad for the ex-pat American and former Johnnie Walker marketing director John Glaser. He started Compass Box Whisky Company in his London kitchen in 2000, and he's been blending some of the best Scottish single malts together ever since. Since then he's moved up north, and Great King Street is named for the Edinburgh address that now houses the Compass Box HQ.

We've got a few of his creations on the bar shelves, nestled in alongside Mr. C&Gs vast single malt collection. One elusive blend that Mr. C&G finally tracked down on our recent vacation in NYC is the Great King Street New York Blend. Released in August 2012 with a limited run of only 1,840 bottles, it quickly sold out on the East Coast and has been very hard to find. Thanks to Park Avenue Liquors he's added two New York Blends to his stock and we can call off the search parties.

The Loch Lomond is a interesting twist on a Rusty Nail. If you're not a Scotch fan, give this one a try. The Drambuie adds a bit of sweetness and cuts down on the biting acquired taste associated with the usquebaugh (water of life in Gaelic).

Slàinte mhath!

Loch Lomond
2 oz Scotch whisky
1/2 oz Drambuie
1/2 oz Dry Vermouth
1 twist of lemon peel
In a mixing glass half-filled with ice cubes, combine the Scotch, Drambuie, and vermouth
Stir well and strain into a cocktail glass
Garnish with a twist of lemon peel

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