Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tween Tuesday

I'm not sure how this happened, but my little baby is now a tween. Big C&G turns eleven today and I swear it was just yesterday that he plunged a chubby hand into his first birthday cake and immediately burst into tears. It was too messy and too sticky and he just wasn't having any of it. Funny how his tastes have changed (although he still doesn't like to get messy) and he's never passed up a sweet treat since. These days he's more likely to scoop all the frosting off and not bother with the cake.

By his first birthday Big C&G had already racked up some frequent flier miles. He was three months old when we swaddled him up and flew cross country to San Francisco. I wish someone had told me that tiny babies are excellent fliers because I spent weeks completely freaking out, imagining every worse case scenario, for absolutely no reason at all.

The minute we got on the plane Big C&G immediately fell asleep and we didn't hear a peep from him till the cabin doors opened on the other side of the country. It hadn't occurred to me that I'd have six hours of silence so I didn't bring a book to read and was stuck reading the SkyMall catalog cover to cover. Thankfully it was the days before internet access and satellite phones on planes, otherwise we'd be the proud owners of several fogless lighted mirrors and fake books that double as secret hiding places.

Dessert at 9,744 ft, Piz Gloria, Schilthorn Switzerland
Big C&G is now on his second passport and we're lucky that he's still an excellent flier. He always impresses us with his sense of adventure and his willingness to try something new. Our little boy is growing into an amazing young man and we feel very blessed with him in our lives.

On our vacation this summer I'm going to hand over the travel planning to him for a day or two.  He's old enough to do some research with me and I'm interested to see what kind of choices he makes. Fingers crossed we don't end up criss-crossing the globe on a Legoland World Tour.

Happy Birthday Big C&G!

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