Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cocktail du jour: Orange Creamsicle

This delicious cocktail tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle. Which makes it a perfect drink for the hot summer nights ahead. I had been looking forward to a French Breeze, the orange vodka based cocktail sent by Grandma C&G, but the only ingredient we had on hand was Aperol. So plan B had to be something orangey, but I wasn't in the mood for fruity.

Mr. C&G set to work doing his thing with the ice and the shaker and all the bottles in the bar. But I stopped him at the fridge with my no fruit juice request. One would think I'd know better than to interrupt the maestro when he's at work. He handed over my drink and the first thing I said was "it's not orangey enough". So after a good eye roll he headed for the fridge, added in a splash of oj (instant orange flavor), and handed it over. Lesson learned, Mr. C&G is a professional, and it was absolute perfection. Cheers!

Orange Creamsicle
2 oz vanilla vodka
1 oz Cointreau
1/2 oz Tuaca
splash of OJ
Combine everything in a martini shaker filled with ice
Shake it up and strain it into a glass over ice

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