Friday, June 21, 2013

Cocktail du Jour: Unusual Negroni

This libation comes straight from the Hendrick's Gin website. Mr. C&G is a huge fan of the Negroni (gin, vermouth, Campari), but was looking for a way to change it up a bit. He saw a Hendrick's Negroni on a cocktail menu recently and decided to give it a try at home. We've still got a bottle of Lillet gathering dust in the wine fridge, and we just bought a new bottle of Aperol (I love my Aperol spritz cocktails). After a quick internet search he found the Unusual Negroni and this refreshing gin drink is perfect for toasting the official start of summer.

Cheers to the start of summer!

Unusual Negroni
1 part Hendrick's Gin
1 part Lillet Blanc
1 part Aperol
orange twist

Combine ingredients in a martini shaker filled with ice
Shake it up and serve up (or over a ball of ice, one of Mr. C&Gs new bar toys)
Garnish with a twist of orange peel


  1. I can't bear gin but I love aperol, you have me wondering if I could down this!

  2. It def has a bit of a gin taste, but the Aperol flavor is pretty strong and could help you get past it. Let me know what you think!