Monday, June 10, 2013

Maine Monday: Bowling for Cocktails

The Cocktail Grandparents came to town last week to spend time with the grandkids and watch a few of their baseball games. Out of the five games they were looking forward to, only one didn't get rained out. Which means we had to come up with some alternative activities to keep us all entertained and out of the rain, preferably involving cocktails.

Bowling alleys are not usually known for good food and fun drinks, but we're lucky to have Bayside Bowl in Portland. If you're looking for a Negroni and a bowl of nachos while you try your luck at a turkey (Little C&G tells me that's a good thing), this is your place. My favorite beverage, a version of a Moscow Mule, was on the specials board as we walked in, so I knew it was sure to be a fun afternoon.

We were more interested in cocktails and snacks on this outing, but we've had lunch there in the past and been pleasantly surprised. The burgers are really good and Big C&G liked his pizza, but Little C&G wasn't a fan of their mac & cheese with the cracker crumbles on top. He's more of a purist. If there's a wait for a lane you can eat in the dining room in front of the giant screen tv, or if not grab a lane and order from the wandering wait staff.

When our unpredictable Maine weather interferes with your summer plans, head indoors to Bayside Bowl for an afternoon of cocktails and bowling. Three generations of C&Gs were completely entertained on a rainy Saturday and we all had a lot of fun. $30 gets you an hour in a lane ($25 during the week), and shoe rental is $3.00, unless you're hip enough to have a stylish pair of your own. They open at noon on Fridays and Sundays, and at 4:00 the rest of the week.

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  1. Yep, cocktails and burgers are two of my favourite things, you are a woman after my own heart!