Monday, June 3, 2013

Maine Monday: Gather & Toots

Just up the road from us is the charming restaurant Gather, in Yarmouth. Local ingredients, delicious food, great cocktails, and a kids play area. How brilliant is that? We stopped in for brunch a few Sundays ago and enjoyed a delicious breakfast to the tunes of a local bluegrass band.

As soon as you walk into the former Masonic hall you're charmed by it's small town neighborhood vibe. Kids are happy, parents are drinking, it's perfection. A blackboard up front lists the local suppliers and farms that contribute to the healthy and very tasty menu. The kitchen is open and in full view of all the tables, as it's raised up on the old stage. Little C&G was completely mesmerized by the power dish washer contraption. The door opened, steam billowed out, and a tray of clean glasses rolled out. Fascinating stuff for an eight year old!

Dinner at Gather is as good as brunch, and it's nice to have a local place where you can go out for a casual (but nice) dinner, with healthy choices and an excellent wine selection. If your kids aren't used to joining you for a nice dinner out, it's a good place to go for a trial run. There are plenty of families filling up the tables and the corner up front has a nice area for them to play. An open kitchen always helps to add entertainment and background noise, so you can relax with a glass of wine and pretend you don't hear the "mommy . . . mommy . . . mommy" chorus coming from the corner.

Just a quick drive up the road from Yarmouth is our favorite farm that doubles as an ice cream stand. Toots is a local favorite, they make their own ice cream and serve it out of an old railway car. After you order one of their delicious flavors (candy store floor, a Big C&G favorite) you can tour the farm and say hi to the cows, alpacas, pigs, bunnies, and goats. Just watch out for the chickens who roam the grounds, Little C&G is convinced they follow him around in an attempt to steal his ice cream.

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