Friday, September 27, 2013

Cocktail du jour: Autumn Manhattan

The only way to celebrate the first weekend of fall is with an autumn Manhattan. With a hint of apples, nutmeg, and cinnamon, it's incredibly delicious. After spending the entire afternoon on the soccer field I was very thankful Mr. C&G met me at the door with this lovely concoction.

The Stormy Scot has been my beverage of choice for the past week, so it's nice to have another tasty fall beverage to switch it up with. Now if I just didn't have to get dinner ready . . .

Autumn Manhattan
2 oz bourbon (Buffalo Trace)
1 oz Laird's Applejack (or apple brandy)
1 oz sweet vermouth (Cocchi di Torino)
2 dashes bitters (Fee Brothers)
Combine in a cocktail shaker filled with ice
Shake and pour into a martini glass
Garnish with a slice of apple

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