Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer wrap up

Sadly it's time for summer 2013 to come to a close. Our days of adventure are behind us (for now) and it's time to get back to school and back to our daily routines. We had a full week of nightly tears after returning from our trip to the UK and Ireland (not just from me), but things have settled down and we're ready to get back to reality.

The little C&Gs are not too thrilled about returning to academic life, so we've had several discussions about how I am not going to home school them while we wander the world. For many, many reasons, the least of which is we'd run out of money before we got to the departures gate at Logan airport. So it's off to school, back to work, and back to blogging for us all.   

We love these maps from the National Geographic online store, they hang in the playroom and are a nice reminder of where our travels have taken us. The maps can be personalized when you order them, and Mr. C&G used his mad computer skills to print out a color key for the pins. Red is for where we've been as a family, green and yellow are for places we've visited without the kiddos in tow. Once the jet lag wore off from our adventures across the pond (a full five days after returning home) the boys were excited to add some new red pins to our European map. 

During my three week blogging vaca I joined Instagram and have been posting a photo from our past travels every day. The whole hash tag thing seems so foreign to me, but it's been easy to just pick a random photo and upload it. You can find me there as "cocktailsandgelato", and I'd include a link if it weren't so complicated for this forty-something blogger to figure out. I'm sure Big C&G could give me a tutorial if he weren't so busy enjoying every last minute of his summer vacation. Cheers to you all on this Labor Day and C&G will return on Wednesday. 

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