Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Travel Tips Tuesday: Gear I Love

I don't know about you but a trip through airport security these days is fraught with all kinds of anxiety, fumbling, shouting, and undressing. It's like a bad Judd Apatow movie, or if you're in your forties (like me) more like every Woody Allen movie.

Trying to keep the suitcases together, the kids organized, 8 electronic devices out and in the right bins all while taking off your shoes, scarves and sweaters is next to impossible. Add to that my inner panic over the TSA agent directing any member of my family to the full body scatter scanner (if it's banned in Europe then it's banned for me too) and it's no wonder my little plastic baggie of travel size liquids breaks open at the most inconvenient times.

Three of my last four trips through security involved the dropping or ripping open of my cheapo sandwich baggie filled with all my liquid necessities. Imagine my horror as I watched shampoos and sunscreens skid across the floor at Atlanta's airport (could it have happened at a busier airport??). Mr. C&G corralled all the stuff while reminding me to swing by our local travel store for some sturdier bags after we got home.

TripQuipment just outside of Portland is the go to place for all my guide books, travel accessories, and hopefully someday my full set of Rimowa luggage. Sam carries everything you could possibly need for any adventure near or far, and was more than happy to suggest the solution to my containment problem.

AirQuart bags are totally TSA compliant, made of sturdy vinyl, and made in nearby Massachusetts. I love that it can stand on its own and the bright colored trimming makes it stand out against the black interior of my giant handbag. Plus it has a handy handle, which means no launching it into the crowds on our next run through the airport. Stop by and see Sam (tell him C&G sent you) or order it online, and it will be one less thing to worry about this upcoming busy holiday travel season. I'll see you in the cocktail lounge, with all my Kiehl's still in one piece.

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