Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hotel Review: Ashford Castle

As you can imagine, this week is pretty busy. So when Little C&G brought this school project home last week I knew I could "borrow" it to be my first guest post. Freeing up valuable time to do battle with the crowds at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

I've got several posts on Ashford Castle to publish in the future, but for now I'll leave you with a review of this stunning thirteenth century castle as seen through eight year old eyes. He's pretty spot on, and it totally amuses me that he gives a shout out to the bar. That's my boy.

My other favorite part of his "review" is even though the five star Ashford Castle regularly tops several world's best lists (Condé Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure), it only makes it to number two on Little C&Gs list. Find out which hotel can compete with a real castle on this previous post. If it's coming from Little C&G, you can bet it involves Italy.

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