Monday, November 4, 2013

Massachusetts & Maine Monday

I really shouldn't have been surprised when Mr. C&G asked me over lunch on Friday if I wanted to go to Boston for the Red Sox parade on Saturday. He's much more spontaneous than I am (and much less claustrophobic), and with rooms available in the Marriott Copley Plaza just a block away from the route, I agreed we couldn't miss it.

Our bags were still unpacked from our trip to Quebec City the previous weekend so it didn't take too long to get our stuff together and load up the car. I was more than happy to leave all the laundry and catching up behind (sadly, it was still there when we got back on Sunday), and after dinner we gathered up all our Red Sox gear and hit the road for the quick drive down to Boston.

No plan was needed for this trip, other than to try and see all the boys favorite players and enjoy the gorgeous late fall weather. Mission accomplished. After celebrating with two million fellow fans we wandered the city, stopping when we got hungry or tired (avoiding the young & drunk revelers) and eventually making our way towards Fenway for some souvenirs to bring home.

We've got a long weekend ahead of us and while we'll be staying home for once I know lots of friends are looking for some things to do. Our quick few days away reminded me of how easy it is to zip down to Boston for a day or two of adventure. I'll post some quick C&G scoops tomorrow with some last minute ideas for this weekend and Thanksgiving, which is hard to believe will be here in three weeks. Until then, check out some of my past posts on Boston for where to go, what to eat, and where to drink (always important when the kids are home for longer than the two day minimum!) and get ready to hit the road for some adventure.

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