Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Holiday Road Tripping

I've pulled a bunch of toys and games out of the little C&Gs travel bags to share with you and to spark some gifting inspiration. Conveniently they haven't unpacked since our five hour Thanksgiving road trip so I didn't have to go hunting for things all over the house.

These Doodle To Go books come in various shapes, sizes, and themes. Little C&G loves this spiral bound one (I bought the girly princess version to gift to a cousin) and he'll happily sit in the back seat with his supply of colored pencils and tell us all about his crazy drawings. I'm a big fan of the twistable Crayola crayons and colored pencils (did those crayon sharpeners ever actually work?) and always include a new pack when wrapping up a doodle book as a gift.

Brain Quest wands have accompanied us on all our trips over the years, they're so compact and there's one for every age and every subject. I love them because they'll give you a good chunk of peace and quiet while the backseat passengers work their way through the questions. 

This car version is our latest purchase and we turned it into a competition (upping the stakes as they get older) by assigning a dollar value to the correct answers. The boys choose a page and assign us a category to answer. Most of the questions are pretty easy for the adults, but it's amazing how sometimes you know the answer and just can't get it out. Mr. C&G and I aren't always the winners at the end.

I bought five of these to give out as gifts (two of which are for the little C&Gs) to various kiddos. With 16 mazes to solve in one handy travel friendly tablet I'm hoping this will be a new favorite in the car. 

Doesn't it remind you of those magna doodles? The boys used to be obsessed with those as toddlers, and they were awesome until they scribbled too hard and messed up the magnets. We went through a lot of those things in the early years. With the maze you slide the paths around to make things more difficult and thankfully there are no magical magnets involved. 

I know I've raved in the past about my love for the compact travel game IQ Twist, and we've wrapped it up for both kids and adults as gifts. We just got the more challenging BendIt game, I'm not sure my brain is up for it, and it's a new favorite of Big C&G.

The Super Color Picture Maze book gets passed back and forth between the boys in the backseat, even though we bought it for Little C&G. It's a little complicated (each turn of the maze gets a different color) and probably best for kids 8 and up. Plus it requires a very sharp colored pencil and some good coloring between the lines. Despite my art school degrees I won't be borrowing it anytime soon.

Little C&G is currently obsessed with making paper airplanes, so the Origami on the Go book is right up his creative alley. The papers are perforated and easy to work with, and the book is thick enough to support folding on a lap. Each of the 40 projects are based on a world traveling theme and come with fun facts and descriptions. Too bad the British Royal Crown doesn't come with real jewels.

Tomorrow I'll share with you Mr. C&Gs essentials for a well equipped bar, all of which make excellent gifts. His library of cocktail books is also quite extensive, and as you've seen on the pages of C&G they all are very well referenced and field tested.

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