Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dinner On A Sword In Zurich

No, we didn't get to keep the sword
Embrace your inner Medieval warrior (or more likely your childrens' Medieval warrior) with dinner at a 500 year old armory in the center of Zurich. Zeughauskeller serves traditional Swiss foods in a former weapons and ammunition store house which dates from 1487. If you've got boys it doesn't get more entertaining than dining under the battle axes, armors, and bows and arrows that decorate the walls.

Zeughauskeller is tucked down a cobblestone alley just off the busy Bahnhofstrasse (strasse is street in German), near the popular Paradeplatz (platz is square in German) and only a ten minute walk from the train station. Tables spill out onto the street in warm weather and we opted to eat outside, even though the interior is incredibly entertaining. Sending the boys inside to explore gave us a chance to sit back and enjoy a few glasses of weisswein. Smart move, right?

Perfect spot for a Papo knights battle
Menus are available in 12 languages at this popular spot and there's a separate menu just for children. (If you're looking online you'll find it with the German menu, but there is an English translation.) Big C&G asked for a German menu and my adventurous eater used that to make his dinner decision.

Bürgermeister Schwert (Mayor's sword) was a specialty of the house and both Big & Mr. C&G decided they had to share it. Where else but in an old Swiss armory can you order your meat delivered on a giant sword? Plus Mr. C&G and I couldn't resist a few Burgermeister Meisterburger references (from the classic 1970 stop motion Christmas special, Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town).

Work it off with a neighborhood stroll
Our waiter came out onto the sidewalk brandishing the long beef-wrapped sword and expertly sliced it off from tip to handle. Sadly he didn't leave the sword for us to take-home, although we all took turns trying to lift it and could barely get it to budge a few inches. How does Johnny Depp manage to wield it wildly across a sandy Caribbean beach? Wursts and schnitzels are other local favorites on the menu, but they aren't nearly as entertaining.

As good as the dessert menu looked at Zeughauskeller we all needed to stretch our legs after our heavy meal. Swiss favorite Sprüngli is just a short walk across the Paradeplatz and they are famous for their chocolates and mini macaroons (Luxemburgerlis). Their beautiful vintage tins make perfect gifts for friends and family back at home.

If you can't resist temptation (or you like to procrastinate) there is a Sprüngli shop in the Zurich airport. Just be sure to grab a few extras for yourself for the long flight home.

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