Monday, January 6, 2014

So Not Martini Monday

That would be my afternoon green smoothie, I'm calling it the kale martini and it will be the cocktail du jour for weeks to come. Thankfully we did quite a bit of cocktail testing before embarking on this dry month, so there will still be four cocktail Friday posts to come. One of which is a winter twist on my favorite Aperol spritz.

The kale martini doesn't taste any better when sipped out of a martini glass, but I thought it would look more cheerful. Sadly there isn't a drop of alcohol in there, and it's going to be a rough night ahead with no cocktails at cocktail hour.

After two very long weeks of vacation I was all ready to send the little C&Gs on their merry way this morning. But the snow, freezing rain, and then rain that fell all night caused some travel delays and we had a few extra hours together this morning. Which threw off my whole day and suddenly I find myself in the kitchen wondering what to make for dinner and there's no drink in my hand. Very sad. . . Only 25 more days to go.

We were away for most of the break visiting friends and family in New York, which means I've got some fun new adventure ideas to share with you. But I've also got loads of laundry, a very messy kitchen (making up lunch boxes this morning was a herculean effort), and some weather damage around the house to deal with. I could really use a cocktail. But I'll stay strong, and I'll be back to travel blogging on Wednesday. Until then, cheers.

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