Thursday, January 23, 2014

#TBT (Tropical Beach Thursday)

Cuisinart Resort on Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla
It was -3º out this morning on the early school drop off run. This winter has been incredibly cruel and I've been doing a lot of wishing for an escape to warmer climates. Also I realized that after a year of posting there is absolutely zero on C&G about getting away with your other half. A happy Mr. & Mrs. (or whatever your combination) is the key to a happy family, even more so than cocktails and gelato.

Everyone wants something different from a Caribbean beach vacation. There's an island and a resort perfect for you, once you figure out what you're looking for. Narrowing down the choices can seem impossible and I know from past experience that it takes a lot of research (or a big wallet and/or the hiring of a travel agent) to come to a conclusion.

I'm easy, if we're not headed to Europe with our kiddos then I want to do absolutely nothing. But on a beach. Where it's warm and sunny and I can hear the gentle sound of the waves. I don't want to exercise, or do sunrise yoga, or pick up a tennis racquet. I want a stack of books, the New York Times daily crossword puzzle, and happy hour promptly at 3:00.

My only other requirement is really good food. Gourmet, delicious, incredibly healthy and fresh food. If that sounds like your ideal vacation too, I've got the perfect place for you. Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa on Anguilla. As in the makers of half the small appliances in your kitchen.

Cuisinart Resort is unique in the Caribbean with its own hydroponic farm supplying most of the fresh produce served in the four restaurants. Order a mojito and your muddled mint will come from the greenhouse just a few steps away. You can tour the farms and gardens or take a lunchtime cooking class when you need a change of scenery from the gorgeous turquoise waters.

Gorgeous Mediterranean style beachfront villas
Mr. C&G and I took the cooking class together and had a fun time preparing fresh fish baked in parchment, which we later enjoyed for lunch by the pool. You really shouldn't miss the chance to cook in one of the best equipped kitchens in the Caribbean. Or if your educational interests lie elsewhere, the sommelier from Le Bistro at Santorini restaurant runs wine tasting classes twice a week.

Golf, sports, water and spa activities are all available if you're a little more ambitious than I am on vacation. I'm much more of a lounge around and sip cocktails kind of girl, and thankfully Mr. C&G likes to chill right alongside me. Sadly we don't have a tropical getaway planned anytime soon, but if it stays sub zero for much longer I might cash in some Jet Blue points and head for Anguilla.

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