Monday, February 10, 2014

Maine Monday: The Boot

What is the chicest accessory this week at New York Fashion Week? The very un-chic LLBean Boot. Even Manolo Blahnik has approved and requested a pair for himself. I'm sure the king of footwear is responsible for the current shortage of Bean Boot supply, one peek at their website tells me almost everything is "temporarily out of stock".

New York has had more of the white stuff dumped on it this winter than we have and I can't imagine there are too many fashionistas running between shows in their sky high stilettos. As unfashionable as it is, the Bean Boot is incredibly practical for racing through the streets of Manhattan, dodging the murky mess at every corner.

A new use for when this winter (and the fad) is over
I was hoping to update my vintage pair to a much warmer shearling lined version but it looks like I'll have to wait until the spring (also known as mud season here in Maine). Bean Boots are one of the few LLBean products still made by hand in Maine so the boot elves must be furiously stitching away to keep up with demand for this ugly but suddenly chic shoe.

With no stock left online, your next best bet is to find an LLBean store. We used to have the only one up in Freeport, but in recent years they've been popping up like mushrooms along the East Coast. So if you want to get your feet into the trendiest footwear of winter 2014 you'll need to take a field trip to one of their 29 stores. And make it snappy, because you know the minute Victoria and Harper Beckham are snapped in the big city wearing their Maine boots the waiting list will be longer than the legendary wait list for an Hermès Birkin.

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  1. Glad I got my black shearling lined ones last winter - they've been invaluable this year. Just call me "trendsetter"!