Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Wonderland (& Wine) Wednesday

It's hard to believe we're just having our first snow day of the school year. I know our friends further south are probably contemplating home schooling at this point so I'm certainly not going to complain. My only complaint was the 5:30am robo-call from the school to announce the cancellation, which I promptly unsubscribed us from as soon as I woke up. So much for sleeping in.

January was a dry month here at C&G HQ which means our wine fridge has sat empty and un-re-stocked since the start of 2014. When we heard news of the upcoming snowstorm Mr. C&G and I beelined it up to Freeport yesterday to Bow Street Market to refill the shelves. While people were crowding the aisles buying up bread and milk, Mr. C&G and I were filling our cart with Chateau Montelena, Eric Kent, Tullamore Dew, Grand Marnier, and other necessities.

A few days ago we finished off the last bottle of Chateau Montelena that Mr. C&G brought back from his visit to the Napa Valley winery. Breaking out the good stuff is a sure sign we need to re-stock but we paired it with a viewing of the movie Bottle Shock and raised a glass to the winery that brought California to the world wine stage.

If you're snowbound with the kiddos send them to bed early tonight (surely they'll be exhausted from all that fresh cold air) and steal back some grown up movie time. Break open your best bottle, fire up the fireplace, and settle in to watch Bottle Shock (on Netflix). It tells the remarkable story of Chateau Montelena winning the 1976 wine competition against the top wines of France.

The movie is a lot of fun and Alan Rickman's performance as a British wine snob stuck in a failing Parisian wine shop is Oscar-worthy (the rest of the movie, not so much). His sneer is pure Severus Snape and nobody can look down their nose as condescendingly as he can. Plus the scenes of endless vineyards will make the snow outside a distant memory.

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