Monday, March 3, 2014

Maine Monday: Art & Gelato

Chic hotel lobby? Nope, art museum stairs . . . 
Gelato has been the furthest thing from everyones mind this winter, but special flavors at Gelato Fiasco are always the perfect bribe for tempting the kiddos out of the house, no matter what the thermometer says. On my list of adventures for our staycation last month was a trip up to Brunswick for a change of scenery, some art, and some crazy Valentine's flavors at the Gelato Fiasco flagship store.

Bowdoin College Museum of Art is on Maine Street in Brunswick and has a nice variety of art, drawings, sculptures and objects to explore. If your kids aren't enthusiastic museum-goers, you can check out my creative ideas here for games to play and for ways of keeping them engaged. The museum is the perfect size and you can see everything in under an hour, which is just about the little C&Gs limit. Any more time and they start asking where we're heading for snacks and cocktails.

The Vogel Collection (which I wrote about here) won't be up on display until the summer but The Object Show: Discoveries in Bowdoin Collections (now through June 1st) has something for everyone to appreciate. Random and unrelated objects have been assembled by the school's faculty, students, curators and librarians.

Check out the watercolor box belonging to Winslow Homer, a shark tooth (and human hair, um, gross) sword, and an intricately carved Easter Island chess set. Don't miss the crayfish displayed in the case to your left as you walk in to the first gallery. I won't divulge the secret, but be sure to have your kiddos look very carefully before reading the description card. You'll be stunned.

Gelato Fiasco is a 15 minute walk from the museum and there's plenty of parking on that end of town if you don't feel like braving the cold and slushy sidewalks. Valentine's Day is tailor made for the creative minds at Gelato Fiasco. We had a hard time choosing between conversation hearts gelato, Professor Slughorn's love potion sorbetto, and the brilliantly named vanilla "Hey There Delilah by the Plain White V's" gelato.

My faves were the champagne sorbetto and the red wine sorbetto (of course). Big C&G fell in love with the box of chocolates gelato, which is exactly what it sounds like. They went to CVS, bought out the aisle of boxed chocolates, and then put it all through the gelato maker. Amazing! But the award for best gelato name has to be "red flannel cuddle blanket", with pieces of red velvet cake lovingly mixed in.

If you missed all the fun last month, don't worry, we've got St. Patrick's Day coming up (Guinness flavored gelato maybe? Please?) and Easter to look forward to in April. They list all their flavors daily on their website so be sure to check out what's in the cases. Right now they're honoring the very talented Harold Ramis (aka Egon Spengler) with "Cosmic Twinkie" gelato. That's sounds delicious, but I'm anxiously awaiting Easter for my favorite flavor. One word. Peeps!

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