Monday, March 17, 2014

Maine Monday: David's Restaurant

Back when we first moved to Portland, people referred to bars and restaurants by what they used to be. Turnover was pretty frequent in the early eating days of our foodie town. "Meet us at the old Raoul's" or "date night at Gabriel's" would mean nothing to the restaurant groupies wandering the Old Port these days. But there are a few old timers still around, like the award winning Fore Street and the classic David's Restaurant in Monument Square.

David's is one of those places that's always consistently very good but we don't go to nearly enough. So last week we told the boys to put on their collared shirts and join us for a fancy night out. Of course fancy in Portland, Maine just means you've tucked in your plaid shirt but we wanted them to think it was a special treat and they would need to be well behaved.

There are eight seats in front of the kitchen at David's and we lucked out by grabbing four of them. The boys love to watch all the action and mayhem in the kitchen, and Mr. C&G and I love that they're so busy we don't need to keep them entertained. Orders are being barked out, flames are shooting up, garlic knots are getting tossed with olive oil and parmesan cheese. It's mesmerizing, as is their long list of cocktails and wines by the glass.

You might not think of David's as a kid friendly restaurant but we were very pleasantly surprised when the boys were presented with their own menus. Pastas and pizzas are there, as you'd expect, and you'll also find grilled steak, salmon, chicken, or shrimp and scallops on a skewer.

Even though the little C&Gs don't stray too far from their usuals it's always nice to have some different options. French fries and fresh fruit round out their plates, dessert is included and nothing is over $12. It's a total bargain and cheaper than hiring a babysitter. Plus they'll be so involved in what's happening behind the counter that you can pretend they don't belong to you and actually have your own conversation.

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