Monday, March 24, 2014

Maine Monday: Paris in Portland

Paris in the springtime is always at the very top of my travel list. Actually Paris anytime of year holds the first spot on my wish list. We haven't been yet with the little C&Gs and I'm campaigning very hard for a trip in the not too distant future. Until then I've got the little C&Gs in "training" with occasional visits to one of our favorite French bistros, Petite Jacqueline.

Last night was the perfect excuse to have them don their collared shirts (un-ironed, because I'm still in vacation mode) for some frites, crème brulée and a showing of the movie A Monster in Paris. Petite Jacqueline has Sunday night movie nights a few times a year (not in the summer) with French themed (not always French) movies and last night was a special offering for les enfants.

Showtime started at 5:30 (for grown up movies showtime is at 8:00) and we arrived ahead of time to find their places decorated with little monster puppets, stickers, glow in the dark bracelets, bags of popcorn and a wine glass filled with marshmallows. How fabulous is that? It was so incredibly charming and Mr. C&G and I sat back with a cocktail (French 75 for me, bien sûr) and toasted to a fun evening ahead.

Petite Jacqueline put together a special kids menu with favorites like fromage grille (grilled cheese), poulet roti (grilled chicken), burger, or gnocchi and nothing was over $12 (the movie screening is free). The glass of marshmallows was emptied long before their chocolat chauds arrived but our adorable waitress brought out another cup along with some dessert menus.

We had the most delightful and super French evening and I can't recommend the Petite Jacqueline movie nights highly enough. Keep an eye out for announcements on their website or sign up for their newsletter (also on their website) and I'm hoping they do another kids night very soon. Even if they don't you should still give it a try with your kiddos, we took them last spring and they loved it. The movie is just a bonus because it keeps them occupied while you pretend you've traveled to Paris for a romantic weekend. A votre santé!

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