Friday, April 18, 2014

Cocktail du jour: Cocktails For a Crowd

April seems to be the month of large gatherings. Whether you celebrate Passover, Easter, or you've invited the parents over after yet another Little League baseball game I've got the easiest cocktail solution for you.

We recently hosted 18 people for dinner and as talented a bartender Mr. C&G is, there's no way he would have gotten to everyones order before the dessert course. So instead he came up with a limited (but still impressive) cocktail bar.

Line up your champagne flutes, pop open a few bottles of bubbly (we went with Prosecco), and put out a few options to fancy it up. You'll look like elegant hosts without much effort and everyone loves to start the evening with a festive glass. Our mixers were a small selection of our favorites, Cherry Heering, Chambord, and Aperol.

Cocktails For a Crowd
Kir Royal-ish: add 1/2 oz Cherry Heering, fill flute with Prosecco
Kir Imperial: add 1/2 oz Chambord, fill flute with Prosecco
Aperol Sans Spritz: add 1/2 oz Aperol, fill flute with Prosecco

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