Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Martinis in Mayfair

Drinking in London could be an Olympic sport, which means it's a bit of a challenge to find a family friendly spot for a few cocktails. Pubs and bars are off my list for two reasons, I haven't really been able to drink beer since turning 40 a few years ago, and it's against the law for underage kids to enter some pubs in the UK.

Poor Little C&G found this out the hard way when he dashed through an open pub door to see the football (soccer) score on the telly and the bartender almost jumped over the bar yelling at him to get out. Rules are different from pub to pub but I can assure you we didn't bother taking any chances after that.

Drinking in London should be a more civilized activity, kind of like afternoon tea but with cocktails. And crumpets. Which is why Flemings Mayfair hotel is the perfect spot to escape the sensory overload of sightseeing. Six elegant town homes have been combined to create a swanky boutique hotel in one of London's most distinguished neighborhoods.

You might think such luxury would be as off limits to the kiddos as the local corner pub, but Flemings Mayfair welcomes your young charges with stylish family rooms, pint-sized amenities, and most important, a super chic cocktail lounge. I was devastated to find out they didn't have any rooms available during our stay in London (email them for family room accommodations) but decided it would be the perfect place to bring the little C&Gs for some relaxing afternoon cocktails.

Uniformed doormen welcome you into the lobby and will direct you towards the subterranean bar. The lighting is low, the decor is bright, and the afternoon tea service is perfection and totally kid friendly. Of course we had to have the requisite tea before we could move on to the main event of cocktails. The boys devoured three tiers of sandwiches, scones, and sweet treats while Mr. C&G enjoyed his perfectly made Flemings Negroni and I ordered a glass of bubbly (of course).

The little C&Gs left us with their scone crumbs and went off to explore the other rooms in the cocktail lounge. Be sure to send your kiddos to the mirror room and you'll easily get 20 solid minutes of alone time. It's also an adventure sending them off to find the loo (they can't get lost) so there's plenty of things to keep them busy while you order up another round of cocktails.

Another reason to love Flemings Mayfair for cocktails is its perfect location for family shopping. And by family shopping I mean it's a short walk for your other half to take the kiddos to toy superstore Hamley's while you finish off your cocktail and head out to swan up New Bond Street. Depending on how many martinis you've had, you might find yourself doing more than window shopping. I did a little shoe shopping but I hear Graff has lovely souvenirs . . .

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