Friday, May 30, 2014

Cocktail du jour: The Sunny Irishman

"Don't question, just try it" was the description for the Irish Dew on the cocktail menu at the Copper Door restaurant in Bedford, New Hampshire and after a full day on the soccer field I was more than happy to rise to the challenge. Irish whiskey and pineapple juice are about as opposite as you can get on the flavor spectrum but they work surprisingly well together.

This unique cocktail is perfectly suited to the bizarre weather we're having here, it so desperately wants to be summer outside (pineapple juice) but is somehow stuck looking and feeling like mid-November (whiskey weather). We're about to change the calendar to June and I'm still bundling up in sweaters and keeping the heat on. It's crazy.

Even more depressing is the collection of rosé wine gathering dust in our wine fridge. On our trip to New York last month we stopped in at our favorite wine store, Zachy's in Scarsdale, to stock up on some bottles to start off the summer season. We sampled eight different rosés from their elaborate tastings bar and loaded up our shopping cart with some new and interesting bottles. But now I feel like they can't be opened until the thermometer outside reads above 70º, which at this rate might not be until August. Until then I'll be swathed in wool enjoying my whiskey. Slàinte and stay warm!

The Sunny Irishman
2.5 oz Irish Whiskey
2.5 oz pineapple juice

Add ingredients to a tall cocktail glass filled with ice
Stir and top with seltzer

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Big C&G vs. Roger Federer

Centre Court looks just a little dusty
Big C&G turns 12 years old this week and my amazing little boy will soon be towering over me. Every single day he makes us laugh (or cry because he is a tween after all) and we feel so blessed to have him lighting up our life. He is maturing into a wonderful young man, full of curiosity about the world and ready for any adventure.

His travel suitcase is no longer filled to the brim with little Lego mini figures, although I'm sure I could still find some stray plastic bricks buried deep down at the bottom, along with some dusty packages of gummy bears and vintage goldfish crackers. These days it's more likely to be packed with science fiction books and his favorite tennis racquet.

Sorry Big C&G, that says Andy. Not Roger.
Before our trip to the UK last summer I gave each of the little C&Gs a day in London to plan where they could do absolutely anything they wanted. They were in charge of figuring out an activity for the day and how to navigate around on the Tube. Little C&G chose a tour of Wembley Stadium to see where his beloved FC Bayern München won the UEFA Championship. Big C&G didn't hesitate for a second before googling "tour Wimbledon" and plotting our route to the All England Lawn & Tennis Club.

A 30 minute ride on the District line from central London brings you to the charming leafy lined streets of Wimbledon. It's another 20 minute walk to get the tennis club and you don't have to be die-hard tennis fans to visit the courts at Wimbledon and the Wimbledon Museum, it makes for a nice suburban day trip if you need to escape the hustle and bustle of London.

If you are die-hard super fans you can book a tour ahead of time on their website which will include admission to the Museum. It lasts 90 minutes and with a very unenthusiastic Little C&G we decided to tour around on our own. Ask at the admissions desk when they'll bring a group in to see Centre Court if there are no matches going on. This short mini-tour lasts about 15 minutes, just perfect for a quick peek onto the famed greens (or browns, as in our case). We were there the week after Andy Murray had his historic win and they wasted no time pulling up the grass and getting ready for next year. 

The Wimbledon Museum has lots of fun and interactive exhibits for the kiddos and probably the only hologram of John McEnroe anywhere in the world. Thankfully. The included audio guide will introduce you to the history of tennis as you stroll through the museum. Check out the old wooden racquets and see how tennis balls evolved into the bright green fuzzy ones we use today. Track down the original famous crocodile now seen on preppies from Cape Cod to Cannes.

A holographic John McEnroe talks to you from his locker room about the old days of tennis. Displays show off gear from all the tennis greats and you can't miss the bling on the outfits loaned by the Williams sisters. I couldn't resist making Big C&G pose with the trophy won by my favorite player, pointing out that it was Andy's tennis whites in the case and not his favorite, Roger Federer. Oh well, maybe on our next trip it will be the other way around.

There are a few cafes around the courts that offer light snacks but we ventured back into town to check out the Fire Stables Pub we saw on our walk through town. I can't pass up festive bunting or a sandwich board advertising local organic produce and rosé by the glass.

A kids menu and crayons will keep the youngsters busy while a glass of wine and the local real estate magazine (find the stack on the bar) will keep you busy. I had our entire future planned out by the time my second glass of wine appeared on the table. Little C&G goes to soccer/football training camp at Wembley, Big C&G enrolls in tennis school at Wimbledon, and we buy a charming little country house down one of the leafy streets nearby. Mr. C&G didn't even humor me by converting pounds to dollars, unless maybe he was waiting to surprise us for Big C&Gs 12th birthday. I'll let you know if the movers show up tomorrow. . .

Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing you all a wonderful long holiday weekend!
Raise your cocktail glass and toast the brave men and women
who have served our country as we remember them this Memorial Day. 

I'll be back posting on Tuesday, so cheers to the start of summer (eventually)!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Staycationing

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to live in Maine. Families drive for hours just to vacation in our beautiful state and enjoy the ocean views that we get to see every day. Magazines write up the fabulous restaurants that we enjoy on a weekly basis (because honestly, who has time to cook?). I know I take it for granted that all my clothes shopping is usually done at the outlets in Freeport or in Kittery (shhh, the Barbour outlet is my little secret).

As we head into what promises to be a very busy tourist season I'm going to share some of my favorite past C&G posts to inspire you, whether you're a local or "from away". The boys have a packed schedule of sports this holiday weekend so we won't be venturing too far from home. But with long stretches of time between events we need some fun things to do so we feel like we've joined the rest of the country and gone on vacation.

My Maine Monday post this past Monday was all about outlet shopping and pretending you're in Italy with a fabulous cocktail and authentic meal at Tuscan Bistro. But if you feel you need to work off some of those carbs beforehand, head to nearby Bradbury Mountain for an easy, family friendly hike.

You'll be rewarded with a great view from the ocean to the mountains and if you're smart you'll swing by Bow Street Market for some snacks to take along with you (be sure to stock up in their fabulous wine department, but leave it in the car. Alcohol and hiking don't mix.)

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is one of our favorite adventures in Boothbay, Maine and the colors are just starting to come alive now that it's finally spring. Its made three appearances here on the blog and you can see why here, here, and here. From fairy houses to vegetable gardens there's something for everyone in your family to enjoy.

One of my BFFs went with her girls last fall and texted me from the outdoor cafe "This is so beautiful and I feel so civilized, sitting outside with a glass of wine as the kids run across the lawn". Pack your hats, your sunglasses, and your sun screen and go see why TripAdvisor listed them as #1 on their list of gardens in 2013.

I haven't checked the weather forecast for the weekend ahead (why bother, they're never right) and if we don't have beach weather you might find the little C&Gs sketching out their favorite artworks at the Portland Museum of Art or the Bowdoin College Art Museum.

The Portland Museum of Art is just a five minute walk from one of the hottest (but still family friendly) cocktail spots in town, the top floor bar with a view at Top of the East. Lines are going to be long down in the lobby all summer long but check out my past review for some insider tips. Bring your sunscreen!

Another super hot spot for cocktails is the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club. They open at 1:00 and the window seats are perfect for people watching while you munch on popcorn (you can request they leave the spice out for the kiddos) and peruse the bar selections. By 5:00 it will get crowded and you might feel a little out of place with young ones in tow. Unless they're wearing plaid, then they'll fit right in with the young cocktail hipsters.

For creative alcohol free cocktails, belly up to the bar at Vena's Fizz House. Their shop has everything you could ever want to create cocktail concoctions of your own at home, along with a full bar in the back serving kid friendly juices and mocktails. Mr. C&G always adds something to his wish list when we visit, and their beverage books and unique mixers and bitters section is the best in town.

I spend a lot of time researching adventures in far away places, but this weekend I plan on playing tourist in our lovely state. I hope Maine is on your list this summer and that C&G has helped you find some fun things to do. Cocktails and gelato are always just a click away! Cheers!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Maine Monday: Outlets & Aperol Spritzes

Memorial Day weekend is rushing towards us, even though I don't think Mother Nature got the text message. There are still plenty of trees around town with leaves barely unfurled and the cool temps make it hard to believe summer is less than a month away. But this upcoming weekend is the unofficial start of tourist season here in Maine as visitors cross the Piscataqua River Bridge on the hunt for sandy beaches, lobster rolls, and outlet bargains.

When our liquor supply is running low we try to time a visit to Bow Street Market in Freeport with some reluctant little C&G clothes shopping. A swing through the Gap Outlet is pure torture for them, but the little C&Gs are easily bribed with a promise to visit Tuscan Bistro for delicious brick oven pizzas afterwards. I was talking with some parents on the baseball field (or was it the soccer pitch? I've lost track.) the other day who had never heard of Tuscan Bistro so I wanted to get the word out.

Rarely do shoppers venture up Rt. 1 past the oversized LLBean flagship store, but walk only two blocks north and you can be transported to a cozy Tuscan farmhouse. Tuscan Bistro serves Italian-inspired dishes using the freshest Maine ingredients, with a great selection of Italian wines and creative cocktails. Talented local interior designer Nicola Manganello is the genius behind the warm rustic atmosphere of the restaurant and it's just the place to relax with an Aperol Spritz or glass of rosé after a hard day of shopping (or an exhausting express race through Crewcuts).

We happened to be in Freeport at the end of a full afternoon of soccer games on Mother's Day, and the outdoor café tables were calling my name. The sun was still shining, the temperature was perfect, and the bartender knows how to make a perfectly refreshing Aperol Spritz (which tastes even better when you're sitting outside). Special kid-sized dishes are available and the children's menu comes with a pack of crayons and word games to keep them busy while you sit back with a cocktail or two.

One of our favorite ways to pass the time in Freeport, whether it's in between shopping runs or as you're sitting outside waiting for your food, is to play the license plate game. The boys keep track of how many states pass us by and you could sit for hours outside Tuscan Bistro racking up the plates. I think our current record is 34, and we award extra bonus points for Canadian provinces.

As school lets out and the tourists flood our state you could easily turn this into an Olympic sport to keep your kiddos entertained. So when it's time for a break from all the busy bargain shoppers, head a few blocks away from the crowds and relax in the cozy Italian bistro. Order up a glass of rosé or their house-made sangria and pretend you're thousands of miles away on vacation. Now if only there was a Prada outlet nearby . . .

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cocktail du jour: The Italian Nightcap

Believe it or not there comes a point in the evening when it's too late for a cocktail. And sadly I have arrived home every night this week long past that point. I'm more of a 5:00, let's toast to the end of this day kind of girl. Not a 9:00, let's get this party started kind of girl. Those days are long gone.

If we were still in the middle of winter (it certainly feels like that out on the sports fields) I'd be happy to snuggle up in my pjs with a Stormy Scot after the boys are in bed. But I like to believe warmer weather is on its way so I've asked Mr. C&G to come up with an after dinner (after game, after practice, etc) cocktail with my seasonal favorite Aperol.

The Italian Nightcap is the perfect drink to end the evening with. Aperol has a slightly bitter orange flavor and the Antica Formula Carpano (red vermouth) adds a rich warmth and depth of flavor without being too strong. They're both low in alcohol (Aperol, 11%, vermouth 16.5%) which is what you want so close to bedtime. Because when your days are an endless loop of school, sports, and meals eaten in the car you don't want to be doing it with little sleep or a hangover. Cheers!

The Italian Nightcap
1.5 oz Aperol
1.5 oz Antica Formula Carpano
dash of bitters

Add all ingredients into a tall glass filled with ice
Stir and top with seltzer

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Queens For A Day

You know I'd find a burger place with cocktails!
Sometimes my knack for figuring out a good spot for cocktails is scary. On our vacation in New York last month we decided to escape the crowds wearing their Easter Sunday best and head for Queens to check out the New York Hall of Science and the Museum of the Moving Image.

Finding lunch between Flushing and Astoria was a bit of a challenge, with them being unfamiliar neighborhoods on a holiday afternoon. The restaurant I originally picked wasn't open (wait, the internet isn't always right?) and I had three sad boys with grumbling tummies bordering on a meltdown. No pressure. But with some quick tapping on my iPhone I found an organic, all natural, eco-friendly burger chain within walking distance to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. Total jackpot.

Bareburger has 17 locations around the New York Metro area and somehow I'd never heard of it. All of their beef, bison, turkey, chicken, eggs, dairy, fruits and veggies are 100% organic, and the rest of the options are 100% all natural and minimally processed. Even the cocktails are organic and it was nice to see Maine Root sodas represented. If your kiddos aren't burger fans they can order special "cubby" meals with a choice of all natural chicken tenders, grilled cheese, or uncured hot dog served with fruits and veggies. This chain needs to expand up the coast, because an organic burger place with killer cocktails is my idea of perfection. Take that, Shake Shack!

Movie memorabilia makes up the majority of the collection at the Museum of the Moving Image and your kids will love checking out models of Yoda and Chewbacca, and all the toys and movie tie-ins on display. See how makeup and prosthetics can transform Robin Williams into Mrs. Doubtfire or a leg into a gruesome and gory prop.

Kid friendly movies are screened on weekends (usually short and extremely vintage) and we grabbed a seat in Tut's Theater to watch a very old Superman episode. The little C&Gs were hysterical laughing over the cutting edge special effects used to make the Superman of 1950 fly across the screen, with crude pen drawings spliced in between the live action.

A hands-on media station lets you replace bits of dialog from movies with your own voice. Head into the soundproof room and take your pick of clips to re-record. I tried to outdo Eliza Doolittle with "the rain in Spain" but I couldn't compare to Audrey Hepburn.

Another hand-on station strips out sound effects from video clips and lets you insert your own. Turn Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator into a comedian with just a few changes or Lisa Simpson into a test taker on the verge of a panic attack with clocks ticking and hearts pounding. The boys could have spent all afternoon redoing sound effects if we didn't drag them away to the next exhibit, a display of fifteen video feeds of a "live" baseball game edited down to what you see in real time on your tv screen. It's incredible how they make split second decisions on what you'll see at home.

The Museum of the Moving Image is definitely worth a visit, and if you don't have a native New Yorker navigating the streets like a lifelong taxi driver (not a compliment, Mr. C&G) check out their website for directions by subway or bus. The Astor Room across the block in the Kaufman Astoria Movie Studios would be my first choice for post museum cocktails (they weren't open on Easter Sunday). You never know who you'll run into at their elegant bar, maybe Big Bird grabbing a little G&T before heading back to The Street.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Maine Monday: Brunch at Five Fifty-Five

Vintage Little C&G and Big C&G
Mother's Day is the best holiday, how many other days of the year can you wake up, have champagne, and be excused from participating in any activities, chores, or work until it's time to go to bed at night? I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating the women in your life, or celebrating yourself, and that there is an empty bottle (or two) of bubbly on your counter to show for it. 

My little C&Gs surreptitiously made brunch reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in Portland and I should probably be worried that Big C&G now knows how to use OpenTable and how to go into my email to delete the confirmation emails. I'm guessing next time they ask to go somewhere and our excuse is it's last minute and we probably can't get a table, they're going to pull this little trick out again. 

Five Fifty-Five has collected many accolades over the years and Chef Steve Corry's talents regularly land him on many Best of lists and deservedly so. We love it because it's one of the few restaurants in town that you can go to for a fancy night out, for a casual (but mouth watering cheese topped juice dripping) burger at the bar, or a Sunday morning brunch where you'll have to fight your kids over the caramel and frosting covered cinnamon bun. 

One look at that cinnamon bun and you'll know why the little C&Gs took it upon themselves to reserve us the first table of the morning at Five Fifty-Five. They would happily put on a collared shirt every Sunday morning just so they could order the decadent treat. 

Brunch is the perfect opportunity to take your kiddos out to this award winning restaurant, especially because they offer a separate children's menu. Eggs, toast, bacon, and all the usual suspects are there but Big C&Gs jaw dropped when he saw he could order steak and fries (and at a fraction of the dinner price) for breakfast. Sliced marinated steak is seasoned to perfection and served in a kid-sized portion, and Big C&G cleared his plate in record time.

Little C&G ordered the granola and yogurt off the regular menu and we had some heavy duty negotiating over how many cinnamon buns to order. One is more than enough to share and you can ask for it to come out first so they'll be occupied while you decide what to drink. Cocktails are my favorite part of brunch (shocking, I know) and the full drinks menu is available, as is a variety of Bloody Marys (the caliente one is tongue numbingly spicy!).

I was looking forward to a Kir Royale or two but realized I needed to dilute my bubbly with some orange juice so I could make it through an afternoon of soccer games. Lucky for me (and you) Five Fifty-Five offers Sunday brunch the other 51 Sundays of the year from 9:30-2:00. We had such a lovely morning and even though I didn't get to nap the afternoon away I think I should get a sports-free boozy Sunday rain check. Maybe June 15th?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Cocktail du jour: Spanish Harlem

Tequila is conspicuously absent here on the blog because I'm not a huge fan. One whiff and it brings me back to cheap shots and maddening hangovers. Clearly that was more than twenty years ago and I'm finally able to enjoy the occasional frozen margarita. But I learned my lessons early, avoid cheap liquor and quality over quantity.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo this week Mr. C&G made me a sophisticated Latin version of the classic Manhattan and I actually liked it. The biting flavor of the tequila (the more expensive the better) mellows with the addition of an equally good (and expensive) red vermouth. A little splash of cherry from our Danish friends sweetens it up and it's a delightfully doable way to sip your tequila.

Spanish Harlem
1 1/2 oz añejo tequila
1 oz red vermouth (Antica Formula Carpano)
1/4 oz Cherry Heering
dash angostora bitters

Add all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice
Shake and strain into a cocktail (or brand new coupe) glass
Garnish with a Luxardo cherry

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Costumes & Cocktails in NYC

Gorgeous gowns and lovely ladies streamed across my Instagram feed on Monday evening as the fabulous and the fashionable arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the annual Met Gala. I'm sure the C&G invite to the hottest cocktail party of the year got lost in the mail, but I'll forgive Anna this time. Both boys had sports practice and games, plus we were just at the Met less than two weeks ago.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was our top priority when we visited NYC over April break. Big C&G is studying Greek and Roman history at school and we figured it was the perfect opportunity to keep him engaged and interested while wandering the wings of one of the world's largest art museums.

Even with a very specific destination in mind it's easy to get overwhelmed as soon as you walk in so I've got a few tips to share to make the Met more manageable for your little tourists. Fuel up before you go or just trying to affix everyones admission sticker will seem like an impossible task.

Start your visit to the museum before you leave home. The Metropolitan Museum website has an excellent page for visiting with your kids, complete with family guides and suggested itineraries to look over before you go. A Percy Jackson themed guide is perfect for fans of The Lightening Thief and help make the massive collections of Greek and Roman artifacts more accessible. For your fashionistas (and future Met Gala goers) the costume guide takes you through the European paintings wing with a detailed eye on the elaborate clothing of the day. All the guides are available at the information desk if you don't want to print them at home.

I found the book Inside the Museum: A Children's Guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the gift shop two hours too late to be of any use so I'd highly recommend buying this for your family ahead of time. Pictures, fascinating stories and facts highlight some of the most popular works in the collection. Pick out a few things from the book to search for and that would easily be enough for one visit.

Lines can be long at the admission desks to the left and right of the entrance hall, thanks to their location next to the coat check and bathrooms. Instead leave the kids with your other half at the information desk to collect family friendly maps and guides while you head straight back to buy your tickets. Two admission desks are just in front of the grand staircase and almost always empty. Audio guides are available for an extra fee ($7 adults, $5 kids) and although we didn't try it this trip I've heard the kid version is excellent.

A lot of research went into finding the perfect pre-meltdown post-museum cocktail spot on the Upper East Side within walking distance from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Neighborhood bars can be found on every corner but little boys sitting at the bar are usually frowned upon and possibly illegal so I had to track down a lounge with plenty of space to spread out.

The sleek and chic Bar Pleiades in the lobby of The Surrey Hotel is my new favorite for its well crafted cocktails, low lighting, and Chanel inspired quilted banquettes. It's ideal for aprés art cocktails even if you can't ditch your kiddos in the Temple of Dendur and they happily welcomed the little C&Gs through their glass doors.

Café Boulud is the restaurant in the hotel, which means bar snacks are not your average fare but Daniel Boulud's famous madeleines are on the menu. Bowls of olives, chips, and nuts will keep your kiddos busy while you try to decide what cocktail to order. Thankfully we visited with the C&G Grandparents so we didn't have to make any hard decisions. Within two rounds of drinks we tried eight of the sixteen on the menu and they were all unique and amazing.

The brilliant man behind the bar is named Darryl and he'll be happy to help you choose if you didn't bring your cocktail tasting army along. Bar Pleiades is on 76th Street at Madison Avenue and the lounge is open from 3:00 to midnight. It's the perfect retreat from the culture and crowds at the Met, and you'll all enjoy sinking deep into the cushions with your swanky cocktails and Shirley Temples.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Maine Monday: Paciarino To Go

Nobody can sob like my Little C&G. So when his beloved Bayern Munich was scored on in the 16th minute in their big game last week, his face crumpled and his hopes for a return visit to the Champions League final were dashed.

Even worse was when I had to pause it at the 35th minute so we could run out to an evening class. Ronaldo had just scored to make it 0-3 and the Portuguese superstar had to rub it in with a little victory dance on the sidelines.

It was a rough car ride with my Little C&G in tears and me trying to stay optimistic and convince him that Bayern could easily score 5 goals in the 55 minutes they had left. My pep talk didn't work (for either of them) and as I dropped him off I knew there was only one thing that would cheer him up. I needed to pick up some Paciarino pesto, STAT.

Paciarino in Portland is one of Little C&Gs favorite restaurants and his first choice whenever he gets to pick a night out. We've been going there ever since they opened in 2008, when Enrico and Fabiana swapped Milan for Maine. That must have been one interesting conversation but we're certainly happy to have them here!

Over the years we've noticed the prices have steadily increased, it's perfectly understandable and I certainly can't blame them. Rent on that sunny corner of Fore Street can't come cheap. But is has turned Paciarino from our favorite casual Italian, cozy place on the corner to a more special occasion type of place. Lunchtime has become the better option for us when the boys beg to go there, prices are about half what they are for dinner and the portions are still just as generous.

But on my emergency pesto mission last week I knew Little C&G couldn't wait to see the end of the game and I'd have to get dinner to go. Paciarino sells its delicious sauces and fresh homemade pastas to go from the refrigerated case in the kitchen. For less than $20 I had enough pasta and pesto to soothe his broken heart and treat the non-soccer crazy C&Gs to a delicious dinner. Plus there was plenty left over to send Little C&G with pasta and pesto for lunch the next day.

We've got a super packed schedule of sports for the next few weeks and I'll definitely be returning to Paciarino for some sauces and pastas to go. I'll look like a rock star soccer mom with very little effort and it will be a nice change from the usual pizza and taco rotation. And pesto goes so well with an after practice/game Aperol spritz.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Cocktail du jour: The Smoked Rose

New glassware calls for a new and interesting cocktail. We've been on the hunt for small martini glasses and coupe glasses for a while and I finally found the perfect ones last week at Sur la Table while we were on vacation in New York.

Yes, I know all kinds of things can be ordered off the internet but I'm convinced anything breakable would show up on our doorstep shattered into tiny pieces. Plus cocktail glasses are such a personal thing, the balance and thickness must be just right and for that you need to try them out in person. I'm sure I'm not the first person to stand in the aisle at Sur la Table toasting myself. . .

Coupe glasses were the traditional way to sip champagne back in the day and legend has it they were modeled after Marie Antoinette's voluptuous assets. They're making a comeback and chances are your next non-martini drink will be delivered in this newly trendy barware. Mr. C&G has been experimenting with coupe-appropriate cocktails and The Smoked Rose comes from the incredibly useful and well organized cocktail database, Kindred Cocktails.

The Smoked Rose combines two of my favorite things, Aperol and Scotch, and mellows out the taste of both with grenadine, lemon, egg white and some chocolate bitters. I was a little iffy about the egg white but it gives this rosy cocktail its light, foamy head and I'm convinced alcohol kills off anything that's bad for you. So raise your coupe to Marie, and be thankful plastic surgery wasn't invented yet or you'd be doubling the amount of ingredients below. Cheers!

The Smoked Rose
2 oz blended Scotch (Dimple Pinch)
3/4 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz grenadine
1/2 oz Aperol
1/2 egg white
1 dash chocolate bitters (Fee Brothers)

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and dry shake to combine
Add ice to the shaker and shake until well chilled
Strain into a chilled coupe glass