Monday, May 12, 2014

Maine Monday: Brunch at Five Fifty-Five

Vintage Little C&G and Big C&G
Mother's Day is the best holiday, how many other days of the year can you wake up, have champagne, and be excused from participating in any activities, chores, or work until it's time to go to bed at night? I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating the women in your life, or celebrating yourself, and that there is an empty bottle (or two) of bubbly on your counter to show for it. 

My little C&Gs surreptitiously made brunch reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in Portland and I should probably be worried that Big C&G now knows how to use OpenTable and how to go into my email to delete the confirmation emails. I'm guessing next time they ask to go somewhere and our excuse is it's last minute and we probably can't get a table, they're going to pull this little trick out again. 

Five Fifty-Five has collected many accolades over the years and Chef Steve Corry's talents regularly land him on many Best of lists and deservedly so. We love it because it's one of the few restaurants in town that you can go to for a fancy night out, for a casual (but mouth watering cheese topped juice dripping) burger at the bar, or a Sunday morning brunch where you'll have to fight your kids over the caramel and frosting covered cinnamon bun. 

One look at that cinnamon bun and you'll know why the little C&Gs took it upon themselves to reserve us the first table of the morning at Five Fifty-Five. They would happily put on a collared shirt every Sunday morning just so they could order the decadent treat. 

Brunch is the perfect opportunity to take your kiddos out to this award winning restaurant, especially because they offer a separate children's menu. Eggs, toast, bacon, and all the usual suspects are there but Big C&Gs jaw dropped when he saw he could order steak and fries (and at a fraction of the dinner price) for breakfast. Sliced marinated steak is seasoned to perfection and served in a kid-sized portion, and Big C&G cleared his plate in record time.

Little C&G ordered the granola and yogurt off the regular menu and we had some heavy duty negotiating over how many cinnamon buns to order. One is more than enough to share and you can ask for it to come out first so they'll be occupied while you decide what to drink. Cocktails are my favorite part of brunch (shocking, I know) and the full drinks menu is available, as is a variety of Bloody Marys (the caliente one is tongue numbingly spicy!).

I was looking forward to a Kir Royale or two but realized I needed to dilute my bubbly with some orange juice so I could make it through an afternoon of soccer games. Lucky for me (and you) Five Fifty-Five offers Sunday brunch the other 51 Sundays of the year from 9:30-2:00. We had such a lovely morning and even though I didn't get to nap the afternoon away I think I should get a sports-free boozy Sunday rain check. Maybe June 15th?

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