Monday, June 2, 2014

Maine Monday: Happy June!

Is it possible? Could warmer weather really be here? Can I really put away the heavy fleece blankets that I drag around like Linus (of Peanuts fame) from baseball field to soccer field? Should I tell Mr. C&G to have a glass of rosé waiting for me instead of the usual Italian Nightcap or the Stormy Scot (for when I'm truly chilled to the bone)?

One sign that warmer weather could be sticking around for a while is the crowded cobblestone streets in Portland. We headed into town to meet friends for lunch on Friday afternoon and couldn't find a single parking spot. Mr. C&G also noticed that the parking garage that charged $1.00 an hour a few weeks ago has changed its sign to $4.00, which clearly means the tourists are coming.

Portland has a record number of hotel rooms available this summer, and rumor has it the newly renovated Westin (a must for cocktails, check out my post here) was sold out last weekend. It's great news for local businesses, shops, and restaurants, but not such great news for my last minute "let's procrastinate making dinner until Mr. C&G suggests we go into town" plans.

As we worked our way to lunch at Central Provisions (small plates, great cocktails, any time of day!) I realized Maine Monday posts were going to have to take a holiday. It's hard to get into town (and out and about around our beautiful state) during the summer tourist season, which makes it difficult to find new things to share.

Just before Memorial Day I recapped some of our favorite adventures in Maine and there are lots of ideas here on C&G to keep you busy throughout the summer if you're traveling our way. As we head into summer the posts might not be as regular as they were during the school year, the boys require a lot of attention and activity (hence, the blog) and I find it very hard to write while they're running around the house because they're no longer in school.

But I can promise you there will always be a cocktail post (priorities!) on either Friday or Saturday and I'll try to keep up with two posts during the week. We will be heading out on our own adventures and I've got a lot of work to do researching our new destinations before we can pack our bags. Tracking down gelato and cocktails in new cities is a lot of work, but you know I'll be sharing all my findings with you. Cheers to the start of summer and enjoy wherever your travels may take you!

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