Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer: Sports, Cocktails, Repeat

I hope they washed the whites first
Honestly, between the World Cup and Wimbledon, how am I ever going to get off my couch in the next few weeks? I'm kind of not joking. . .

Little C&G and I may have a full week of World Cup elimination games to keep up with but Big C&G is demanding equal screen time to watch his favorite players battle it out on the tennis courts. It's only fair that I spend quality time with each of my little C&Gs and their favorite sports, even if it means I never see the light of day.

When we saw Centre Court at the All England Lawn & Tennis Club last summer there wasn't a single blade of green grass left in the stadium. It was just over a week after Andy Murray had his historic win and the the grounds crew had already ripped up the court in preparation for 2014. It's nice to see they managed to grow the grass back in time for Andy to win his first match today.

Big C&G has high hopes that his favorite, Roger Federer, will make it to the final spot on the big board and oust Andy Murray's tennis whites in the Wimbledon Museum trophy case. Check out our visit to Wimbledon and the museum from this past post with lots of fun activities to keep even a non-tennis fan (like Little C&G) happy. Plus I've got a great place to go for lunch after you've toured the famous grounds, but you might want to wait until July 7th to make your visit.

With the start of summer, the start of Wimbledon, and the end of the England team at the World Cup it's only fitting to be drinking a gin and tonic these days. Really it doesn't get any simpler, tonic, 2(ish) ounces of gin, a squeeze of lime and stir. Plus I can make it myself between commercial breaks or at half time. I'd hate to disturb Mr. C&G during the day with a drink request, he might discover we're all still in our pajamas and dialing for delivery pizzas.

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