Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Best Boozy Gift Or Maine Souvenir

If you don't have a beach or a lake house it's not too late to find a friend with one and invite yourself over in these last few weeks of summer. Just don't arrive empty handed. You know if we're coming (KC, I'm looking at you girl!) we'll bring the booze and the bar tending skills, but I also like to wrap up a few nice gifts for the host and hostess.

As the writer of a cocktail and travel blog I always feel a bit of pressure to up my gifting game, and thanks to our local Vina's Fizz House I've got the perfect present. Vena's Moonshine in a Mason Jar, prepped with dried fruits and spices and just waiting for you to add vodka, gin, rum, or tequila. Include a bottle of local booze (something from Cold River Vodka or Maine Craft Distilling) in your little gift bag and you're practically guaranteed a return invite for a weekend (or a week) next summer.

There are lots of flavors to choose from and at $12.50 a jar you can include more than one. Pirate's Punch would be a great gift for a rum lover (PW, all for you!) and the Blueberry Smash brings a taste of Maine to your host's bar. Chile peppers, cocoa powder, and habanero sugar heat up the South of the Border blend for awesome margaritas and if you can get past the arctic chill of the water you just might think you're on a beach in Mexico.

If you're here on vacation in our beautiful state or picking up your kiddos at summer camp be sure to stop in at Vena's Fizz House on Fore Street (read about our past visit here). Their do-it-yourself infusions make the perfect Maine souvenir, and with no liquids involved they're easy to pack in your carry-on and won't slow you down in the airport security line. Vena's also has their own Etsy shop where you can order online, just in case you need to restock when you get home. Cheers!

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