Monday, September 8, 2014

Shopping & Sand Dollars in Kittery

Right about now is when I realize we've made it to the start of school without any back to school clothes shopping. The little C&Gs entire wardrobe consists of sporty shorts and Bayern Munich or Red Sox jerseys with one or two collared shirts thrown in for good C&G measure. As soon at the weather cools down (any day now) they'll be left with nothing to cover their knees or elbows.

Getting the boys in the car to go clothes shopping is a nearly impossible task and I've only been able to whisk them down to the outlets in Kittery with the promise of a trip to Adidas and lunch at the drive thru McDonalds. But next time I've got a much better bribe to offer up, a trip to Fort Foster in Kittery Point where the warm(ish) beaches are filled with tide pools and old ruins to explore after I've forced them to try on clothes for an hour or two.

Fort Foster is a town owned park with three lovely beaches and views out into the Atlantic Ocean. Old military concrete bunkers and crab filled tide pools will keep your adventurers busy for hours and they'll totally forget the whole point of the road trip was to do a little back to school shopping. Fall might be on its way but September and October can have some truly beautiful days so don't write off a trip to the beach just because the kiddos have returned to their classrooms.

The shallow waters along the Piscataqua River are perfect for treasure hunting, we found lots of sea glass and amazingly intact sand dollars. Hermit crabs scuttle in and around the rocks doing a little house hunting, trying on new shells in search of a perfect fit. There are virtually no waves along the shore so the calm waters make it easy to see what's hiding on the bottom of the ocean.

The town charges $10 per car for entry to the park and you'll find well maintained bathrooms just above the middle parking lot. One beach is dog-friendly (as you go in it's the one to the right) so we headed to the left and found a spot on the rocks to lay down our towels. The boys were so busy in the water that we never made it to the many walking trails that trace the shoreline or to explore the battery where cannons kept watch in defense of the nearby Naval Shipyard. I'm sure they'll be eager to check it all out on our next visit.

Of course no C&G outing is complete until there is ice cream involved, and cocktails. At Stella's Sweet Cafe in nearby Kittery Foreside you can have them both. This adorable little shop near Wallingford Square serves food but we were there for their homemade gelato and ice cream. They've also got a liquor license so you can add a little prosecco to your dish of blood orange sorbetto or a scoop of vanilla to go with your Guinness. Combining cocktails and gelato is such a brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) and it's the perfect way to end your shopping and beach adventure. Cheers!

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