Friday, January 23, 2015

Cocktail du jour: The Hot Toddy

March is the new January I've decided. There's no sticking to resolutions, no matter how well intentioned, motivated, or inspired I am in the beginning of the new year. The days are just so dark and polar vortex cold that it feels like I'll never see the sun or the thermometer hit double digits.

The return to school inevitably exposes the little C&Gs to all sorts of fun germs and already one of them has missed a week of school. Which explains why I give up right around the mid-month mark every year and dust off the martini glasses. January just doesn't work for me and February is a short month with yet another school vacation to look forward to, so March will be my month to swap out the cocktail shaker for the Vitamix.

With all the illness going around (I've stopped Facebooking, too many posts about friends with flus) Mr. C&G and I have been boosting our immune systems with nature's Nyquil, the hot toddy. Whiskey is an excellent decongestant and germ fighter, which we learned from this great article on Vinepair "Your Drunk Aunt Was Right: The Hot Toddy Is The Cure To The Common Cold". Whatever whiskey or bourbon you have on hand will work to ward off the winter chill and any cold germs your kiddos have brought home. Plus it certainly tastes better than vile cherry flavored Nyquil!
Hot Toddy
2 oz whiskey
1/2 oz lemon juice
2 cubes of sugar
6 oz hot water

Add all ingredients into a heat-proof glass, stir, enjoy, and stay healthy!

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