Monday, February 9, 2015

Cocktail du Jour: Double Coconut

It's time to double up on the coconut, because things are looking a little bleak outside my front door. My usual nightly hot toddy or Stormy Scot just reminds me that a good five months stand between me and seeing my green lawn again. The sun hasn't poked out from behind the clouds in days and I'm really regretting our decision to not join my mother for her annual Mexican vacation this year. Darned Big C&G and his education!

Mr. C&G clearly misunderstood me the other night when I mentioned St. Tropez, I was talking about booking us on the next flight to the South of France and instead he headed for the drinks cabinet to start making a St. Tropez Spritzer. Or more likely he just has very selective hearing. With no pineapple juice in stock he dusted off the bottle of Cirôc coconut and improvised a new cocktail that deserves to be sipped under a striped umbrella on a pebbled French beach. Now back to the Air France website . . .

Double Coconut
2 oz Cirôc coconut vodka
sparkling coconut lime soda*
Rose's lime juice (or fresh lime)

Raise the flag to attract the attention of your garçon
Tell him to add the vodka into a cocktail glass filled with ice
Top with soda and a squeeze or two of lime
Stir and à votre santé!
(* if you don't have a Hannafords near you for their private label soda, Lorina French sodas are the exact same thing)

1 comment:

  1. I love St Tropez, I know a lot of folk in Blighty think it's a bit tacky but bring it on!
    I stroked the scarf of which you spoke just this week, it's a Hockneyesque stunner