Monday, March 9, 2015

Summer 2015 Sorted

For the past four months I have quite literally had my nose stuck in this pile of travel books along with about ten different travel sites open in my internet browser. We have a milestone celebration coming up this summer and we gave Big C&G the opportunity to pick anywhere in the world as our destination. Anywhere. Within reason, of course. I'm not about to climb Mt. Everest but if he wanted to bungee jump off the Sydney Harbor Bridge then I would (reluctantly) go along with it. I lobbied very hard for a macaron tour of Paris but as I've been reminded by multiple C&Gs, it's not up to me. Tant pis!

Big C&G narrowed down his very long list and Little C&G and I took advantage of a few snow days back in January and put together a slide show with some highlights of where he wanted to go. I did a lot of research and planned five very different trips for him to choose from just as if he was a very discerning (aka picky) client. There may have been a little more attention paid to the adventures I was hoping for (the picture perfect turquoise waters of Fiji, serene sailboats along the Dalmatian Coast) but in the end Big C&G went with exactly what he said the first time we asked him where he would go on a dream trip.

Our flights are booked, our deposits have been paid, and I am more than ready to stop thinking about travel planning for a bit. I'm incredibly sad that our destination can't be found in any of the books I insisted on buying (yes Mr. C&G you told me so) and they will all go back on the shelves until 2016. I am just a wee bit superstitious and won't write about a trip before it happens so you'll just have to wait until summer to find out where we're headed.

Rest assured all those months of research won't go to waste, I'll share some of my findings in the weeks ahead because I'm not quite ready to give up on a resort in Fiji that provides you with your own marine biologist. Or lazing away the summer days in the hills of Tuscany at an olive oil resort (cooking classes for the kiddos and afternoons at the spa for the grown ups). Big C&G might be forcing me out of my comfort zone (and out of continental Europe) but I know I can count on Little C&G when it's his turn to choose. I foresee a lot of German soccer and Italian pasta in his future. . .

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