Friday, June 5, 2015

Cheers to June!

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged! Things have been crazy and my computer has been gathering cobwebs on my desk. We went on desperately needed tropical vacation back in April (more to come in a future post) and I got sick and was down for the count for a few weeks. Ironically the lifetime supply of Cipro I got for our summer vacation would have been much more useful if I'd brought it instead of leaving it on the counter at home.

Add that to soccer season starting, baseball season starting, throwing a big birthday bash for Big C&G (who didn't really listen when I said "small party or big trip", because somehow he's getting away with both), and preparing to travel so far outside of my comfort zone this summer that it's no wonder my last post was 8 weeks ago.

With all that madness you'd think there would be lots of cocktails flowing but even Mr. C&G has been too busy to do anything other than open my screw top wine bottles. Plus it's impossible (and illegal) to drink when I've been on shuttle duty, bringing the boys from one sports field to another until the sun goes down. Things are starting to wind down and I'm looking forward to getting some writing done before we head off on our next adventure. I'm hoping that blogging will distract me from my current obsession, which is checking the CDC travel warnings website on an hourly basis.

Some upcoming posts to look forward to include a new local hot spot I'm excited to share, with a great cocktail menu and an equally creative kids menu you'll definitely want to add it to your list. I'm also working on a "best of" post for your summer vacation plans. Portland has been in just about every travel magazine in the past few months and I'll give you the inside scoop on our favorite places (Duckfat fries, without the wait!). Now if Mr. C&G could make me a cocktail to go with the typhoid vaccine we have stored in our fridge. . .

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