Straight up

Swarovski Crystal Factory, Innsbruck, Austria

All of the opinions expressed here on Cocktails & Gelato are either my own, my husband's, or my kids. We haven't been compensated in any way for any of our travel over the years. Everything we've done, I've worked very hard on my own to arrange. It's been challenging to fit world travel into our household budget but we've managed to figure it out and make it happen.

It would be lovely to be able to call up and book four first class tickets to Europe, with a car service to pick us up and deliver us to some posh 5 (or 6) star hotel. Add in a concierge and nanny to take care of everything for us and that would be heaven. But then we probably wouldn't be able to leave the house again for another 10 years. Traveling well with money is easy, it's traveling well without that's the challenge. We've had to be creative and resourceful, and the results of that are here for you to read about on Cocktails & Gelato.

So I'm not an ambassador for anything, I'm not affiliated with any hotels, I'm not interested in selling anything. I've just done so much research and planning over the years, and helped friends with their vacations that I wanted to have a platform to share it with others.

However, Richard Branson if you're reading, call me. I'd be happy to change my tune for some Upper Class tickets on Virgin Atlantic. . .

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